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Why We Started Warrior of Faith

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

I was hungry to be part of a Christian motorcycle ministry that was made up of Christians that were true “Warriors” in the battles that are always present as one becomes closer to Christ.

I was searching for a Christian motorcycle ministry whose members do not flee from challenges, run from ridicule, fear persecution, or hide from conflict, but stood tall and willing to fight for Christ…. every time! We have rules, guidelines and pre-requisites that are designed to help our brothers & sisters be prepared for battle and have the armor needed to remain in the fight. If you think that this ministry is just about a patch, then maybe you should be looking for a different Christian motorcycle ministry/association. A member of “Warrior of Faith” walks out their faith by ministering to all lost souls, serving those in need, remaining strong through intense fellowship with other brothers/sisters and most importantly, through it all keeps his/her focus on Christ! Being a "WARRIOR" is not about a title, it is an attitude of heart! - Brian Trudeau (Taz) Founder

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